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One-legged Squats

Stand on one foot; lift the other and keep it close to the ankle of your stance foot. Keeping the head up, the chest lifted, and the abdominal muscles tight, squat until that knee is bent to 90 degrees. Pause briefly, then stand upright by pressing heel into the floor and keeping the glutes (the rump muscles) tight.

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Overhead Shoulder Press

Novices should use a seated position with the resistance cord firmly place under the chair legs. Stronger folks should stand erect with the cord under their feet. Keep the head up, the chest lifted, and the abdominal muscles tight throughout the exercise.

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Pull-ups or Row

Pull-ups: for strong folks with access to a high bar. Hold the bar with hands at shoulder-width or slightly wider apart, palms facing away. Pull up and exhale, lifting your chest toward the bar. Lower yourself slowly.

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Place your hands slightly wider than shoulders; keep torso straight and head aligned with spine throughout the exercise. Lower yourself until the chest touches the floor; press back to starting position.

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Rear Arabesque Walk

Keep the head and torso straight and in line throughout the series. Stand erect with your hands stretched above your head. Pick one foot off the floor. Balancing on the stance foot, lean the torso rearward while the free leg points in front of you (like tipping your body on the hip of the stance leg).

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Rear lunge walk, side arabesque

Keep the head up, the chest lifted, and the abdominal muscles tight throughout the series. Stand erect. Take a big step rearward with one foot, landing in a lunge position. Lower yourself in a controlled fashion to a full lunge, with the back knee just brushing the floor.

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Seated Leg Tucks

Sit on the floor with your hands behind you and spread wide. Lean back slightly, extend the legs, and lift both feet off the floor. Tuck your knees up toward your chest, then extend legs to starting position. Don’t let feet touch the floor between tucks.

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Shin Raises

Stand on your heels on the edge of a step, with the balls of the feet hanging over the edge. Hold onto the wall or a railing lightly with one hand. Keeping your head up and your torso upright, lower the balls of your feet below the level of the step, then pull them up above the level of the step.

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