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Improve Your Skiing: Structure Practice for Success

Do you ever get frustrated in your skiing that you seem to master a new move on easier slopes, but then lose it when the terrain becomes more difficult? With the right plan for practice, you’ll be able to take your improvements into more difficult terrain and keep them working. What you need to do is make your practice on the easy slopes more rigorous before you take the original task to more difficult terrain.

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Realities of the Wedge

Every so often someone sends me an excerpt from a ski forum on the Internet. You can guess at my amusement when I saw what was being discussed in this particular thread. I had just returned from a week in the Florida Keys, fly-fishing for Bonefish, so my mind was clearly not on skiing. By the way, the fishing wasn't that great - wrong time of year - but then again, catching isn't the main reason for fly-fishing in the first place.

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