Is This Forum Still Active?

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Is This Forum Still Active?

Postby geezer skier » Fri Nov 06, 2020 3:40 pm

Over a month and no new posts. What's going on?
geezer skier
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Re: Is This Forum Still Active?

Postby ToddW » Fri Nov 06, 2020 5:32 pm

It’s always slow until first snow. Some parts of the country like Vermont now look like they basically won’t have skiing after the latest state govt actions (bathroom break eligibility by first letter of last name to decide whether you may use the bathroom in even or odd numbered hours, keeping a 30 day record of where (chair, table) each skier sat if they were admitted into a lodge, severe quarantine requirements, etc.)

Got a question? Ask. Got old video that you’d like feedback on? Post it. Just wanna talk about skiing? Go to the social chat forum. If you start a fun discussion, then others will join.

Best wishes for a rewarding ski season.
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Re: Is This Forum Still Active?

Postby HeluvaSkier » Mon Nov 09, 2020 1:31 pm

geezer skier wrote:Over a month and no new posts. What's going on?

We are still here. Usually traffic picks up in this forum and the MA forum once people are back on snow... After all, the PMTS forum is about actual skiing, not just talking about it and hypothesizing about it as is the practice on other forums. This season may be a little slower with all the COVID rules... who knows.
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Re: Is This Forum Still Active?

Postby jbotti » Mon Nov 09, 2020 6:05 pm

The other point to make about this forum is that it has become a repository of everything anyone wanted or needed to know about PMTS that supports what is in the books and videos. In the early years Harald had a lot of work to do, explaining and answering questions. But as things have progressed, mostly everything of relevance has been discussed and explained in detail and still resides in this forum. The only thing needed to unlock any and all of it, is the search function.

Of course PMTS has never been static and Harald is constantly refining and even discovering new things about the highest level of skiing movements. Stuff like that will set the forum a blaze for a good period of time, and as Heluva said it almost always occurs during ski season and often gets started by someone who comes back from a camp and talks about something new that HH was teaching. A-Basin opens tomorrow (or maybe it did today). Other places will follow suit. And HSS camps start up later this month. I feel confident some action is on its way.

But as one of the moderators, I take pride in the fact that this forum is a repository of great teaching information on PMTS movements and skiing and is not a place to BS and argue about skiing and ski technique. We have worked hard to make sure that's not what this forum is and we have succeeded.
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