Adequate breathing technique while skiing

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Adequate breathing technique while skiing

Postby enric » Thu Dec 15, 2022 12:51 pm

The skiing season has finally started in the Pirineos :mrgreen: ....very little amount of natural snow though :(

Today, my fourth day of skiing, I could clearly notice that I was not breathing adequately while skiing. On a blue slope, after just a few turns (no more than 10) I would have to stop abruptly and felt completely out of breath, BUT I was not feeling physically tired, definitely not so much so as to be forced to come to a halt. Obviously it is not the first time that I have had this feeling of unjustified exhaustion. Hence, I have the impression that I recurrently enter short mini-APNEA periods pretty easily while skiing, unintentionally, obviously.

I suspect it is related to how intensely focused I am on the various Essential movements I am trying to produce as I ski down the slope. Sounds reasonable? Is this more or less common among PMTS learning skiers?

To fix it, I suppose I should try to synchronize my breathing to the turn phases. When is it better, more efficient/effective, to breathe in or out? the retraction transition?....Would the strategy be different for short or long radius turns?....if not, the breathing rhythm while skiing aggresive short turns might become sort of hectic...

Please provide advise on this issue. Thanks a lot.

pd: the VERY good news is that in the last two days my FORAFT balance has greatly improved as a result of carefully reading and executing the moves as described in HaraldĀ“s last post. It is a gem of a post! Thanks Harald
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