Harald could you post a 10-15 seconds of yourself skiing?

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Postby NoCleverName » Sun Nov 27, 2005 8:45 am

Nah, just trying to be light.

But I see your point about being picky. Even though we know darn well HH is probably doing the right thing, it sort'a doesn't look that way from the video. So I sympathize with trying to get something that unambiguously demonstrates the point, which, granted, that vid doesn't.

The whole deal about posting pix of people without permission maybe overblown but it's sort of reflex from my past in mainframe security and supporting my wife's school projects where even an in-class newsletter can't have kid's images without permission.
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Postby Mr. T » Sun Nov 27, 2005 12:01 pm

NoCleverName wrote:
The whole deal about posting pix of people without permission maybe overblown but it's sort of reflex from my past in mainframe security and supporting my wife's school projects where even an in-class newsletter can't have kid's images without permission.

Well, you should address your critique to the right person, since I have not performed any posting stealing copy-righted materials. As a matter of fact, I addressed my request to HH himself. It was actually my posting on an Italian forum that brought Harbskisystems a client who has attended twice the European all-mountain camp and it was always my posting who has put PMTS on the map among Italians and caused 4-5 people on that forum to go out and by HH's books and videos. It was again my person who got a lot of heat from a member of the Swiss school who attacked me in all possible ways for the way HH skis is contrary to the teaching of Snowsports or so he said and keeps saying. At the end of the day I think I have not stolen anything from Harbskisystems or PMTS, maybe I have even done some solid advertising for free out of my respect for both HH and the PMTS organisation. So, you can understand that I take offense for the" tone" of your reply. All I am doing is offering my knowledge of the Italian language to advertise. When I can do it on my own, I do so without bothering anybody, when I cannot I am not afraid to ask the "master" for help.
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Postby milesb » Sun Nov 27, 2005 12:41 pm

Also not to be picky, but only the person who actually took the video has the right to publicly post it, unless that person gave permission. It seems to be ski forum courtesy to get the skier's permission before initially posting it. I pretty sure SkierSynergy consulted with Harald when making those articles on his website. I'm also reasonably certain that he didn't consult with Rob Sogard and Weems, however, THOSE videos had already been on the web for almost a year. And I suspect Dchan had consulted with them when he posted them.
Damn. I guess I got picky, didn't I? Sorry.
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Free skiing

Postby Harald » Sun Nov 27, 2005 12:54 pm

OK, I?ve watched this languishing post long enough without comment. I don?t see any real technical problems with the skiing on this video. If you have a more critical eye than I have or Diana and Rich then you should probably be hired by Harb Ski Systems. This footage is on very soft, new snow, it had not been groomed, the snow storm was still in full swing, I was free skiing and the video quality is bad. So what?s the beef?

There is over one and a half hours of good quality footage on my two vidoes, Jay posted this video at my request, although it was poor quality video (bad light) it was posted to show high C engagement for skiers to strive for, I didn?t expect this kind of debate. Why are we getting all bent, what?s the deal.

If it's my skiing you have a problem with, let me respond, I don?t ski with an ?A frame?, maybe someone can explain what they mean by an ?A frame?, as I don?t see it in my skiing. I am probably the most critical observer of my skiing and when I see that something is not to my liking, I can usually change it in two turns. I rely on watching my own video, on Diana and Rich for feedback.

In this case, I wanted to demonstrate "high C" for certain levels of easy skiing, the only thing I wish I could change is film quality, the turns even though I was just easy free skiing, do demonstrate high edge angles and body angles and ski performance.

Those are the qualities I look for in my skiing and I see them in this video.

Is it possible that someone was seeing the outside knee touching the inside ski boot and that was what was meant by "A frame"? If so, you might check some Bode footage, Blardone footage and others for the same effect, which is not the thing we call "A frame". With high body angles and edge angles the out side leg is long and the inside leg is so bend and tucked under the body sometimes the outside knee touches the inside boot or leg.

As far as sending the video around the world I have no problem with that particular footage as it is not from my site and it has no intellectual property associated with it. Talk to Jay, I allowed the footage to be posted on his site, maybe he objects to having it posted in other places, I don?t..
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Off topic -- Use of Pics, videos, etc.

Postby SkierSynergy » Sun Nov 27, 2005 3:43 pm

I am a coordinator of instruction and technology at a U.S. University.

The issue of posting pictures of students (at least in the U.S.) has to do with specific privacy laws related to students (e.g., FERPA, etc.). This is very different than the issues of these ski videos.

This has come up many times by people who don't feel that the comparisons I have made are correct, fair, flattering, etc. I have listened to legitimate complaints about this and tried to adjust the analysis and language to be as neutral and descriptive as possible. I won't rehash the various posts around these issues again here.

The pictures and videos on my site were either given to me with use rights or very strictly follow Fair Use Exemptions/Limitations. Note, the videos of DChan's stuff are links, not the original videos. They do not reside on my site. There are no copyright issue here related to my site. The frames that were extracted for the analysis documents absolutely follow fair use exemptions for film/video media.

Anyone can look at the law and the exemptions if they want. The fair use limitations on exculusive use were specifically intended to protect analysis, commentary, research, education, parody, etc. (especially when the original user does not agree/like the result). There are specific criteria for fair use and I am confident that my use falls under these criteria.

If you want to make a link to my site or the video's there, I have no say over that. If you post the videos of Harald or analysis documents themselves on another site, you should get permission from Harald and myself.

If you post or use the analysis documents of Weems or Sogard, that would violate the fair use exemptions of DChan's rights for the video frames, and mine for the content of the analysis. However, I doubt that anyone could show damages on commercial venture related to the items to make any of this more than just politeness. Now, let's get back to the skiing.
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Postby NoCleverName » Sun Nov 27, 2005 10:30 pm

Ya, let's not get in an IP food fight.

One of the problems with internet forums is that you can't "read" another person while you're, well, reading. It's difficult to tell the conviction behind the words.

I'm certainly not one to create ill will, so I have to apologise to you, Mr. T, for putting you in the position of misunderstanding my intent. Some clumsy phrasing on my part has clearly caused unintentional controversy. The fault is entirely mine.

By the way, some of the best "skiing" footage is that of Diana on the Harb Carvers. It's somewhere around here.
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