Night skin

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Night skin

Postby bowlhiker » Sat Nov 19, 2011 11:37 pm


So I'm not qualified to be here, I'm sure of that. But I'll try to follow along. And I'm not a Republican, so that counts for something.

Now my buddy Jonesy, I think he's qualified. His grandfather Herb Gundell taught the guys in the 10th Mountain how to ski at Camp Hale.

So tonight, like most nights in the winter, Jonesy and I celebrated ourselves by skinning up the hill. Tonight we went to the top of Chair 8. The fresh cord coming down was sweet. The ski instructors are going to be pissed.



If you find yourself in Vail and you want to go night skiing...don't call us. People from the Internet are strange, man. :P
You know, why would anyone want to go uphill when the lift is there???

Happy turns!
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