Milk day at the Bowl on MLK Day

Lets see your Posse Pics!

Milk day at the Bowl on MLK Day

Postby bowlhiker » Mon Jan 16, 2012 9:18 pm

Howdy Everyone,

Here's 2 pics of me and my buddies up on Highland Bowl today; Jonesy and P Man. I'm the old guy with skinny skis. :) P Man is a patroller up there, he's awesome, a really great guy -- as are all the patrollers at Highlands. I hang with ski patrollers, not, ski instructors. :)

It was great, some deep snow in Northwoods. Finally! Most of the really steep lines at Highlands are still iffy to not skiable. But with today's snow, it's starting to fill in. A few more of these, we be in good shape. Last year we were so spoiled up here.

So far all my pictures are stills -- no action shots. We'll work on that! ... &view=grid
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