The Bowl says goodbye for now to a good friend

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The Bowl says goodbye for now to a good friend

Postby bowlhiker » Mon Feb 20, 2012 6:38 pm

Howdy Everyone,

So our buddy SC is leaving the Happy Valley, heading to Texas Hill Country. So we thought it'd only be right to ski Highlands with him one more time, send him home sore before he says adios. Mission Accomplished. Here's some pics. Notice me on the steep ridge. Yikes! Don't wanna fall there.

Highlands reported 7" new. There was way more than that on B1 and in Northwoods up top of the Bowl. Another great day at Highlands.

I keep skiing on my Monster 78's! We haven't had enough snow for fat skis. Mac. Thanks!

SC is in red, Jones wears what he always does. I think we're going to have a fundraiser and buy him new ski clothes. I guess that's all I can expect from a guy who lives in a barn. But man. Jonesy rips. Ski racer, go figure. As always, I'm the old guy.

We still need way more snow, still lotsa sketchy spots. And, some of the mountain still isn't open. Oh well. We're making turns, having a ball. Hope you are too.

- bowlhiker
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