The PMTS Direct Parallel™ Instructor Accreditation is a training and teaching event. Although it is an exam with objective standards that must be met in teaching and skiing performance, it is also an educational event. The candidates receive feedback on their performance throughout the event in an effort to create a positive learning experience for all candidates. (read more in "philosophy"...)

There are four levels of accreditation: Yellow, Green, Blue, and Black. The levels correspond roughly with the ability to teach students who are skiing on each "color" of terrain. For example, a Black-level accredited instructor would be capable of teaching students who ski on Expert terrain. (read more in "levels"...)

The Accreditation event is a multi-day event. The exact schedule depends on the participants and the trainers for the event. Candidates can plan to have multiple training days, in which the candidates and examiners can reach common ground in understanding and performance, the candidates receive feedback on their skiing, and the candidates practice the teaching format. Exam days consist of "teaching scenarios" in which the candidates teach each other lessons that are appropriate to their level. Candidates are scored on the content and delivery of, and skiing performance during, the lesson.

Candidates may try for the Yellow or Green level in the same event; their performance determines the level achieved. Current, Green-level accreditation is required to attempt the blue level, while blue-level accreditation is required to attempt the black level.

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