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To Reach for the Gold, Go for the Green

Having lived and trained with the "guru couple" (Harald and Diana) for the last six weeks, I am confident I can share with you some accreditation secrets.

I have witnessed and been on the receiving end of the expectation of excellence. You know when you deliver it, and you know when you don't.

Why do we need to be excellent? Because excellence is required out on the hill when leading skiers through learning experiences. The first step in attaining excellence, and some would argue the hardest step, is achieving the green level in PMTS.

 "But isn't the green level the first and therefore the easiest step?" I hear you ask. Well, it's the first step, but don't be fooled into thinking it is the easiest. Because when you enter into the world of PMTS green, you step headlong into a world of excellence.

For those of you who are planning on taking a step into excellence, this is for you, my insider's tips for 'being excellent' during a PMTS Green Accreditation.

Step 1 - Clear your mind and open it up to new possibilities.

As humans we interpret the world through screens. We build our personal screens through our past experiences. It is our internal voice. Some of you may be thinking already, "This guy is a jerk. I don't have a screen. I know I don't have a screen. I don't need to listen to this crap!"

Well, I would say to that voice inside your head, a voice that speaks constantly at around 90 words per minute, "Turn off the screen, buddy, open up to the possibilities, and we can get started."

Step 2 - A PSIA, CSIA, APSI, USCF, etc. screen is going to slow your progress during a PMTS learning experience.

This program is new. It is powerful. It is different. It is unlike any traditional training you would have experienced before. Watch for your screens, recognise them, try to push past them and go outside of them to experience this program fully. If you can do this, you are well on your way to excellence, and not just as a ski instructor.

Step 3 - Prepare fully

Don't think you know it. Know it. Excellence isn't about trying to guess the answer.

Student Directed Ski Instruction is unlike any class lesson you will have taught before for exam purposes. Read all the sections in the Instructor Manual. The back section is fantastic.

Let me say this in another way (hint: let me appeal to what is in this for you):
If you would like to be successful on your PMTS Green Accreditation (hopefully one of your motivations) then read the Instructor Manual on Student Directed Ski Instruction carefully (task) otherwise you may fail (statement of fact).

Release / Transfer / Engagement ("RTE") - The three elements of a turn in PMTS. Understand them. Understand what each element is trying to achieve. Assess skiers through these elements. What can they do? What can't they do? Where do you need to lead them?

If you take a look back at your traditional teaching models and assess them in terms of RTE, you will be even better prepared for success.

Hint on RTE - If a skier is stuck in a snowplough and they are trying to turn, what is the main thing they can't do? Answer - Release the ski!
Big Hint: Release is what most skiers are working on.

Step 4 - Listen

Listen to your feedback. Open yourself up to the possibility that you may be asked to make changes. Then make them!

Listen to the feedback given to the other skiers in your group. Process it. Anticipate it. Learn from it.

Step 5 - During the exam, give a lesson rather than an exam lesson.

Teach the skiers rather than teaching the lesson. Remember, it's about the skiers.

Best of luck.

There are plenty of you accredited guys out there with plenty to share on this and many other subjects. OK, I had to write something as I can't hide from Harald and Diana, but don't make the mistake of hiding; the world is too full of hiders, as excellence is all about stepping up to the plate.