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Mel Brown
Minneapolis, MN

PMTS contributor Mel Brown

It was with Mel's support and encouragement that PMTS.org was formed. The first ski school director to evaluate and use PMTS Direct Parallel®, Mel's ongoing, ardent support for the program has been instrumental in its acceptance and growth.

Harald Harb
Dumont, CO

PMTS Contributor Harald Harb

Harald is the source of inspiration for PMTS Direct Parallel. His vision led to the creation of a new and better teaching system, and to the accreditation process to ensure quality in ski teaching.

Harald is currently the chief trainer and examiner for PMTS.org.

Guus Heinsius
Ridderkerk, The Netherlands

PMTS Contributor Guus Heinsius

Guus is a ski school owner in Ridderkerk, The Netherlands. He is a PMTS skier, trainer, and accreditation examiner. With his website, PMTS.nl, Guus works hard to bring awareness of PMTS Direct Parallel to Dutch skiers.

Jasper Heinsius
Ridderkerk, The Netherlands

Jasper is following in the footsteps of his father, Guus. He is now running the Portes du Ski ski school in Ridderkerk, training skiers and instructors in PMTS Direct Parallel.

Erich Krausser
Wilmot, WI

PMTS Contributor Erich Krausser

Erich has been a PMTS skier and instructor since the earliest days of implementation at Wilmot Mtn, Wisconsin. Now a ski school trainer at Wilmot, Erich continues the tradition of bringing PMTS Direct Parallel instruction to Chicago-area skiers.

Rich Messer
Granby, CO

Another one of the original PMTS Direct Parallel ski school directors, Rich was director of the Silver Creek, CO, ski school from 1999-2001, teaching PMTS Direct Parallel® exclusively. He continues as a camp coach and accreditation examiner.

Wendell Moore
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

PMTS contributor Wendell Moore

Wendell is Head Coach and Manager of the Senior Ski Team Ski Improvement Programs on Whistler/Blackcomb Mountains.
Along with some key coaches, he practices and teaches PMTS Direct Parallel to select clientele in the regular program, in private instruction, and now in the SST Tech Camps.  Continue to practice the “Essentials” when you come to Whistler.  You can find them at www.seniorskiteam.com.

Diana Rogers
Dumont, CO

Diana is a camp coach and accreditation examiner. She oversees training and accreditations, including producing training materials, archiving results, and producing certificates. As well, she is the designer and webmaster of the PMTS.org site.