Boots in London, me in Canada...

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Boots in London, me in Canada...

Postby skiffie » Thu Oct 26, 2017 11:20 am

Hi all! Sorry to post in the PMTS forum, I know it's not quite right but the other forums seem dead. I have a bit of a problem: I left my ski boots + clothes etc. in London (UK) while I went to Canada for a few weeks, but I'm going to be here quite a bit longer than I thought and now ski season will be starting.

I'm wondering if there's a friendly PMTSer coming from London over this way who might be willing to grab my boot bag and bring it along? If this requires checking a bag I'm happy to cover the cost of course and can offer eternal thank yous, coffee on me, etc. Anywhere in Western North America would even work.

I'm hesitant to ship them because I don't want to risk them getting lost and losing 15+ hours of boot work... not to mention all the pain that went into breaking them in lol.

Thank you and hope this is ok!!
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