thinking about muscles in slantboard training

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thinking about muscles in slantboard training

Postby dougtee » Thu Feb 21, 2019 8:45 am


after a few months of perusing this forum and having read the first essentials book i have taken the plunge into slant board training and now posting! as someone that lives relatively far away from any skiing opportunities and can realistically hope to get 6 or 7 ski days a season, this is of particular importance for me in what's probably a rather quixotic dream of attaining this level of skiing.

the crux of my question is muscle engagement during these slant board movements. am i right in interpreting that in order to maximize the kinetic chain any and all active engagement of muscles is basically constrained to the counteracting portion of the movements? my understanding that the exception here too is maintaining a strong core throughout? am i right in thinking the feel of relaxing through the movements and allowing big muscles to do their job on command without being perpetually is the sensation i am hoping to achieve? sorry for my clumsy explanation but do appreciate any feedback and thank you for all the fascinating discussions that have already taught me so much!
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