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Accreditation Level - Blue

The blue-level instructor has the capability to ski and teach skiers the fundamentals that produce competent parallel skiing on all blue terrain. Achieving the blue level demonstrates a competency level rarely achieved in ski instruction. It means you have the capability to distinguish between traditional skiing movements and PMTS’ biomechanically efficient movements. You are also capable of determining and fulfilling student motivation on an ongoing basis. This is the instructor I would want teaching in the ideal ski school. It is not appropriate to generate an equivalency to PSIA certification levels as the Blue Level has significantly different educational and performance requirements than those required to achieve PSIA Full or level III certification.


Blue Level accredited skiing demonstrates parallel skiing with strong release, transfer, and engagement capabilities on blue bumps, groomed black slopes and blue off-piste terrain. If the moguls are inadequate for the accreditation, then a slalom course will be set on blue terrain instead. The slalom course requires proper application of release, transfer, and engagement, just as do moguls, in a prescribed rhythm and turn placement. This yields an evaluation of blue-level skiing skills equivalent to those necessary to ski blue bumps properly. The blue level represents realistic, attainable, and measurable goals. The PSIA level III certification can range from wedge-entry, push-off turns in blue bumps to a skier who can ski aggressive parallel in black bump terrain. The range is so wide that the qualification has lost its meaning.