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Accreditation Level - Blue Trainer

Although many reasons such as physical limitations, injuries, conditioning or lack of access to black terrain may keep some aspiring blue-level instructors from reaching the black accreditation level, they are still the best trained and most knowledgeable instructors teaching ski lessons. A blue-level instructor’s movement analysis capability can become as expert as any trainer or instructor in PMTS.


Just as at the green level, a blue-level instructor who is motivated to help other instructors and is a strong demonstrator of blue level skiing may tryout to become a blue level trainer. He/she will need to meet the black-level teaching and written exam standards, and the trainer standards, while working with blue-level topics. Pmts.org welcomes and encourages all blue-level instructors to pursue their trainer credentials. A blue-level trainer can train instructors up through those aspiring for the black level.