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What is PMTS.org?

~ instructor training and accreditation ~
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The Association of PMTS Direct Parallel Instructors, or "PMTS.org", is a not-for-profit corporation with several goals. First of all, PMTS.org is a vibrant, vital organization created for the ongoing education of ski instructors. The founders of PMTS.org feel that ski instructors in general aren’t benefiting from the evolution of skiing and ski instruction. PMTS.org is a growing organization of energetic, dedicated instructors who are learning and participating in new and exciting ski educational opportunities.

The Association of PMTS Direct Parallel Instructors will push the boundaries of ski instruction, developing new methods and approaches to technique, teaching methodology, alignment correction and equipment selection. Joining and actively participating in this organization will assure you of access to the latest in leading edge ski instruction. You will be equipped to function at the highest level in the industry, prepared with the most current information.

The Association of PMTS Direct Parallel Instructors assures you that beyond the already revolutionary methodologies in use, the organization is currently engaged in research and development of new techniques in skiing and teaching. Research by the best and most innovative minds in the ski teaching business is ongoing and the results will be available to all members. The various research projects have different goals: to determine the effectiveness of our current teaching system, PMTS Direct Parallel, and of skier alignment programs; to investigate the role of equipment on skier performance; and to investigate new and effective teaching methodologies.

Many instructors have already expended significant time and effort to be accredited in PMTS Direct Parallel. They have dedicated themselves to increasing students’ ease of learning and skiing enjoyment. They have improved their own teaching and skiing in order to meet PMTS accreditation standards. Many are doing so without the support of their ski schools. Instructors who have pursued the PMTS route have done so with no certainty of reward or recognition. The ski industry is only beginning to recognize their value, efforts and capabilities. The organization is here to help make the industry aware of a PMTS instructor's capabilities. PMTS.org will work toward creating industry-wide recognition and reward for your capabilities as instructors.

With the forming of this organization, PMTS Direct Parallel Instructors will gain a greater presence within the ski industry. With this organization in place, more ski schools and instructors should see the value of using the PMTS Direct Parallel system. Up until recently, instructors had to represent themselves and frequently be discreet when using PMTS in their ski schools. PMTS.org will stand for the use of the PMTS system more effectively than individuals on their own. PMTS.org will work to educate skiers and potential skiers to the fact that they now have a choice in ski instruction.

The Association of PMTS Direct Parallel Instructors will provide training opportunities to all interested instructors in an effort to improve ski instruction. You’ll have more opportunities to improve your own skiing, your understanding of skiing, your understanding of equipment and alignment, and your ability to teach. PMTS.org will offer camps, training sessions, accreditations, and training materials. Association members will have access to training and materials at a discount. PMTS.org will work as an industry partner to promote skiing to the public - to skiers, potential skiers, and former skiers who have drifted from the sport. The on-hill experience of skiing distinguishes it from many other pastimes, and this experience needs to be promoted. The pleasure of skiing is increased with good technique. PMTS Direct Parallel combines effective teaching with efficient movements to help skiers progress quickly to the point where they are avid and capable participants. The message that skiing is a fun and quickly-learned activity needs to reach the public, and the Association of PMTS Direct Parallel Instructors will promote this message. PMTS Direct Parallel is the established industry leader in alternative ski teaching systems. At a time when ski manufacturers, ski schools, and traditional organizations are just beginning to explore the possibility of direct parallel instruction systems, PMTS Direct Parallel has a proven track history of successful lessons, training materials, and an instructor training and accreditation program. PMTS.org is pleased to represent this system, and instructors of this system, to the skiing public and the ski industry.